Friday, February 17, 2012

Mission to Guinea-Bissau, Africa

Today is Friday, February 17th. In just 4 days, I will be flying to Africa with a dear friend of mine, Bruce Bloomquist, from Charlotte, NC. We will be working with a missionary in Guinea-Bissau, one of the poorest nations in all of Africa. Wade McHargue, the missioary who lives in Guinea-Bissau with his wife and 3 small children will be leading the trip.
We plan to go to two areas that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. Although this is a great opportunity, it will also present us with some potentially serious challenges. One of the reasons these areas are unreached is because they are difficult to get to. Our team will be "roughing it", hiking through jungles and sleeping in a tent. One of our team members is a young African brother named Lalas, who will be our interpreter, and as I have heard from several, is himself a fiery evangelist.
God has graciously supplied every need for me to make this trip, and has gone even beyond our need. Please keep us in prayer, as we face these and other challenges. We have counted the cost. In the light of the cross, it is well worth it. By God's grace, I will share an update at my earliest convenience. We will be returning to the USA on March 4th and will arrive home the following day, Lord willing.