Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mexico: Report Back

Father mightily blessed and enabled us to get much accomplished. We ministered at a small Mexican Church on the first night (Sunday). Brother Harold Burkett preached. It was a good service. We got to minister to a young woman in a wheelchair who was totally paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident 2 yrs ago that severed her spinal cord. We layed hands on her in Jesus' name and asked her to get up. She tried, but couldn't. We did it again. This time, she said she felt a tingling in both legs, like her legs were asleep. We did it about 3 more times, each time asking her to "get-up". Feeling came back to her legs and she actually stood for the first time in 2 yrs!

The next day, I received a text message from my friend Bob Bauer, who works at the Pentegon, saying that he felt the Lord wanted him to send a check for $1000 to buy new clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, food, pots and pans, and other supplies for a small orphanage outside Nuevo Laredo. So we went to the orphanage and got the sizes needed so we could get what they needed. The kids were very excited to see us. We spent some time with them, then returned to the Mission Station when 3 of us (brother Rick, brother Harold and I) began installing the tracks for a "drop ceiling" in the Church at the Mission station.

The next day, I painted both bathrooms at the Mission Station, then helped Rick and Harold with the ceiling till about 5pm. Then we all got cleaned up and held a service at the church there at 7:30pm. I preached on Matt.5:43-48, and Ja.5:17. I gave an altar call and 8 people came forward, fell on their knees and began weeping and crying out to God! After the altar-call I ministered to those in need of healing. 7 people were instantly healed, although I only laid hands on 6 for healing! The 7th was my interpreter, who shared her testimony of healing with me last night before we all retired. She said she had suffered from an infection in her female organs for over 2 yrs, and noticed the morning following that service it was completely gone!

The day following that service, while we were working on the ceiling again, Brother Harold received a phone call from the pastor of the Church. He said that a woman who was ministered to the night before, who was suffering with terminal cancer in her blood, had just called him after seeing her doctor, rejoicing that she is now "cancer-free"! WOWSA! GLORY TO GOD!While 3 of us were working on the ceiling, Pat, Naomi Naska and Craig went over to WalMart to purchase the clothing for the kids at the orphanage. When they returned around 3pm, we took the supplies to the kids on our way to a small church in Nuevo Laredo where brother Rick preached. 6 came to the altar for salvation and afterward, he called brother me up to help him minister healing in Jesus' name. 5 were healed, including a woman who was totally blind in her right eye! She shouted, wept and rejoiced, as did many in the congregation for her sight being restored! Several small children were among those who were healed.

The last day we had to stop working on the ceiling at 11am because we had to go and pick up 6 cases of eggs (360 eggs ea.) And 4 50lb. bags of rice and 4 50 lb. bags of beans to give to the poor people at the colonia called Blanca Navidad. There, at 3pm, under a tent in 100 degree heat, I was honored to preach to a crowd of over 300 poor people. I taught them on the necessity of spending much time daily reading and studying God's word, spending much time in prayer and then gave a strong call to repentance for any who were living in sin or who had never been born of God. 6 came forward to repent and receive forgiveness. Afterward, because there were so many people and we had to be back at the Mission station in Texas by 7pm, I asked those in need of healing to place their own hand on the part of their body that needed to be healed, as I bound to demon of infirmity and proclaimed healing in Jesus' name. Then, I asked them to begin to do what they could not do before. 18 were instantly healed! To God be the glory!!!

The last night, after sharing the testimony of being healed on Tuesday night, my interpreter, her sister and their aunt listened as I taught them how to minister God's healing power to the sick "outside" the Church walls. While sharing, I dicovered that, although they were all raised in a "full-gospel" church, that the sister and aunt of my interpreter had never received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. So at about 11pm last night both of these precious ladies received the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues, with tears of joy and gratitude flowing down their faces! So, the trip results for this week were:20 saved, 29 or more healed, 7 filled with the Holy Spirit and many other blessed, encouraged, fed, supplied and equipped for service. 2 bathrooms painted and 75 percent of the ceiling and lighting installed in the church at the Mission Station.


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  1. Oh, dear Joel, how we are praising God with you!!! What a mighty testimony to His glory! What a blessing and joy this was to read tonight!!! We thank the Lord for your faithful service to Him and your very great and evident love towards His own.
    And we send our love to you and Pat!
    In Christ,
    Linda and Fred McHargue